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I just want to say a big thank you to Dr Asaf for what he has done for me,he brought back the man i loved and cherish with all my heart, A man who left me for another woman for good 3 years,with 2 kids,i just decided to check some spell caster’s but all kept deceiving me,until i met Dr Ahmed, who told me everything will be over .until he told me that my husband will be back in 2 days time,am so grateful today that my husband is back to me and we are happy and he always wanna be by my side,i will advice you people not to fall in the wrong hands but to contact Dr Ahmed who is trustworthy
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once again the email address is asafdoctor1@gmail.com contact him immediately/
I lost my Lover 2 years relationship 4 months ago. My Husband left me with so many pains and since then I have been heart broken and shattered. I have emailed so many sites online looking for a good spell caster till i was directed by one Dr ASAF from a forum. At first I never believed him, it took him some time to convince me and something occurred to me and I said let me give him a trial. I was very shocked when my Husband called me 5 days after DR ASAF were done with the spell casting . My Husband was crawling on his knees for what he has done wrong and i am very happy that we are together today because now he love and care for me and my kids like never before..I will advise you to contact DR ASAF because he has done wonders in my life and i believe he can help you out.



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My grand mother had three children for my grand father, he left her and went off to marry another woman, the three children that my grand mother had for him died except my father. My father also had three children with my mother, he went off also just like his father, all his children also died except me. I had three children with my wife, I read up on my family history and found out that it is a family curse and decide to broke it, I decide not to leave my wife but to hang in there, so my children can live. For the first time the curse broke. A suicide demons in all cases do not let his victim kill themselves, but set it up so they get kill, or lead them into places where it is easy for them to get killed.


1 an appeal to a supernatural power to inflict harm on someone or something.

2 a cause of harm or misery.

3 an offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance.

A curse is ill will that is set in motion and wished upon the life of another. The curse can come by man, by devils or by disobedience to the word of God.

A curse is an evil spirit sent to harass a person, a family or a race down through their generation.

Do you ever wonder why some people cannot get save? They been hearing the gospel since they were babies, they live next door to a church and still cannot get save? Their great, great, grand father did burnt down a church, the grand father kill a priest. One hundred years later the father run a pastor out town. There is a curse fallowing the family. Some people fallow me from message board to message board. They read every article I put out, and still cannot get save. They curst me out her and run me off that board, when you check the whole thing out, their fathers was also a God hater, and the curse if following them down through the ages.

A curse from the fathers. The curse from our fathers are real.


1. Mental and/or emotional breakdown.

2. Repeated or chronic sickness especially hereditary.

3. Barrenness, a tendency to miscarry or related female problems.

4. Breakdown of marriage and family alienation

5. Continuing financial insufficiency

6. Being” accident-prone”

7. A history of suicides and unnatural or untimely deaths.

The presence of only one or two of these problems would not necessarily be sufficient, by itself, to establish conclusively the working pf a curse. But when several of the problems are present, or when any one of them tends to recur repeatedly, the probability of a curse increases proportionately. In the last resort, however, it is only the Holy Spirit who can provide an absolutely accurate“diagnosis.” “Blessing or curse” by Derek prince. Page 45-46


We causes rumors to be spread by women on us, keeping us from getting a promotions on the job. If women put a curse on you the only way to shake that curse is to leave town. You and I need to avoid women on the job, women in our immediate community and women in our church.

If these get to spread rumors on you, there is no way you could ever pull yourself out of it while remaining among them. They will never let you live it down. Do not make jokes, because joke to a man is death to a woman. You making joke with some body else heart. And you are bringing a curse upon your own life.

“I know I am going to have a bad day” I know he/she is going to give me trouble” I know that this car is going to broken down” Be careful what you say, it might just came to pass.


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